June 23, 2019 – June 28, 2019

A camp period is waiting for our seasoned athletes who will take all the season and fight for the season and have fun with their teammates for 6 days.


Işık University Şile Campus, İstanbul

Summer football camp we will perform our athletes with the best conditions in order to provide training and service to match Turkey’s best sports facilities in Şile Işık University Campus. This facility, which hosts many professional teams from local and abroad, is 45 minutes away from Istanbul and will meet all needs of our campers in the name of safety, health, training and entertainment. This facility, which is located in nature and greenery, will serve our athletes only during the camp.

The Kamp Akademi, which we organize the camp jointly with, has national and international camp experience. KampAkademi is registered member of The International Camping Fellowship and Turkey Camp Association, also registered as “A Class travel agent” at TÜRSAB(Association of Turkish Travel Agencies).


The camp will be held between 23-28 June and aims to provide individual development to our players. In accordance with your new season goals, the Football Development Camp is of great importance in terms of developing technical, physical and mental skills. In addition to this, a camp period is waiting for the athletes who fought and struggling during the whole season, who will receive the prize of the season, have fun and be with their teammates for 6 days.


Within the scope of our camping activities; In addition to the events they participated in, we wanted to educate them on Healthy Nutrition which they will need at every stage of their lives. For this purpose, for Sustainable Health; The Holistic Nutrition Specialist and Body Health Coach Ayça Kaşıkcı will together with us:

  • To distinguish between Real Food and Besin Liar Food ancı,
  • The mistakes made in our nutrition,
  • The effects of what we eat on our hormone health,
  • Why seasonal food consumption is important for both body health and world health,
  • Fructose dependence and the effects of prepared food consumption on our health,
  • How important the intestinal flora is for our whole body health and how to protect it

With the awareness of food as a training tool; This program is designed to protect children’s own health and the future and to teach more conscious food consumption.

STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING (Selahattin Demir / Performance Coach and Conditioner)

Activities planned during the camp:

  • Basic postures of athletes
  • Speed, strength and flexibility based on athletic performance
    coordination work
  • Increasing the force of the Core
  • Development of hand, foot and fine skills
  • Increase the ankle, knee joint and leg strength
    ensuring protection from disabilities
  • Reflex and reaction studies


Our athletes will work with the football coaches who are specialized in the groups allocated according to their age and level and in the methods of training for the Brazilian Football Schools. Especially in this camp, training for individual development will be intense. Each day, they will have an efficient camp period with 2 ball exercises, 1 training with the fitness and the ”FUTEBOL DE SALAO UT matches (5 × 5 FDS Rules) that they will do at the end of the day.


* Ball domination and basic techniques correction (Skills Badge Scheme® Core Moves, Juggling and Passes)
* One-to-one competitor subtraction and finish training (Skills Badge Scheme® Moves to Beat Players and Turns)
* Improvement of defense, ball and stage defenses
* Strength, athletic and quickness to reach the desired level of work
* Different shooting techniques and hit rate increase and measurement with shot training
* Mental help, self-confidence, convincing you that you can do the best, showing that you have more potential

KAMPA INCLUDES: Transportation, Full Board Accommodation, All Trainings, Coaching Service, Türsab Travel Insurance, Camping T-shirt and Camping Photos.

Brazilian Soccer Schools has limited the quotas for the success of its programs.

To thank you as a mother; from training and manners you give,
your relationship with children, your goodwill, your respect for your work and your domination,
we can entrust our children to you without having a moment behind us
I am writing to express how pleased we are to have created an environment.
Güzin Muratoğlu - Veli